Steel grating platform installation instructions Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes
Steel grating platform installation instructions Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

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Steel grating platform installation instructions

1. Steel grating platform installation

1.1 drawing number

Drawing number consists of two parts: a work order number of a drawing

Annotation example: 1082-04

Note: according to customer drawing number requirements mark.

1.2 Grate plate number

Grating plate number consists of two parts: a steel grating serial number

Annotation example: 13-08

Note: ① The number of steel grating is imprinted on one side of the edge of each steel grating for easy identification and assembly according to the drawings.

② the number of steel grating marked on the surface of each grating on the steel.

③ according to customer requirements marked number.

1.3 steel grating packaging

Steel grating basically according to the figure number, the platform separately packaged. Easy to install, shipped with the goods attached to the steel grating drawings, packing list, quality certificate and other information or direct mail delivery to the consignee, the consignee must confirm receipt of the above information before devanning , To ensure that the correct installation.

1.4 steel grating correct positioning

1.4.1: Before installing the steel grating, first confirm whether the installation of the steel structure meets the design requirements.

1.4.2: The location of the steel grating must be according to the drawings required elevation, number laying. Condemnation, accurate positioning.

1.1.3: Position of steel grating and edge

1.4.4: Both ends of the steel grating slab supported by the steel plate must be supported on steel beams or other supporting frames, and the overlap length of each end should not be less than 25mm.

1.1.5: Two steel grating spacing is usually lOmm, the installation needs to be adjusted according to the drawing requirements and the actual situation on site,

Under the premise of ensuring 1.4.4, the minimum installation spacing should meet the following requirements: the spacing between the steel grating is 3mm, the distance between the steel grating and the adjacent structure is 10mm.

1.5 steel grating installation

Please carefully read the drawings and packing list before installation, and then press the chart and packing list unpacking, such as without prior reading chart and packing list, the packaging of any open,

Cause confusion or cut on the spot arbitrarily, its responsibility is not the supplier.

Steel grating installed in accordance with the structure of flat-panel components, after the installation can not move laterally or from the support frame, there are welding and installation of special security clip

Installed in two ways, if the grating installation and removal do not need to move, it is recommended to use welding methods to fix the steel grating.

1.5.1: Welding installation

The steel grid is welded to the support beam to form a strong, permanent connection.

Welding requirements:

① Before welding, it is necessary to remove the zinc layer, paint, rust, oil, water and the like on the surface of the steel beam and steel grating which are cleanly supported.

② using segmented welding, weld length of not less than 25mm. Weld angle height of not less than 5mm, welded to the side of the flat steel plate, the number of welds see below

Number of mounting clips.

③ welding, to remove welding slag and splashing, hand-painted two zinc-rich paint.

1.5.2: Installation folder installation The steel grating shall be fastened to the support beam by means of mounting clamps. In principle, no less than four sets of clamps shall be installed on each steel grating (about 1 m2) Four corners, but if the steel plate is longer, and the middle of the plate beams, the installation clip can be configured as follows.

Slab size (load bar length) Number of mounting clips

500 ~ 1500mm 4

1500 ~ 3000mm 6

3000 ~ 4000mm 8

4000 ~ 5000mm 10

5000 ~ 6000mm 12 Installation details of each part (including: clip, clamp, bolts, nuts, spring washers) for the specific installation position shown in Figure 1. Installation procedure for the installation clip

For example, type III installation clip, this Tiancheng brand installation clip can fasten all types of steel grating on the support beam safely and reliably, only using a screwdriver,

Above the platform, one person can be completed independently, the operation is quick and safe.

① first install the clip assembly as shown in Figure 1 in Figure A.

② the next folder from the steel grating through the flat, the clip still remain in the steel grating on the flat.

③ Use a screwdriver 垆 under the folder to rest under the support beam flange.

④ raised on the folder, the use of nuts located in the folder under the folder type slot, the folder under the shoulder joints in the flat steel (for the series 3 steel grating, shoulders embedded only one

flat steel. )

⑤ Tighten the bolts with a screwdriver until the upper and lower clamps will be securely fastened to the steel grating on the support beam, tightening torque: 17 ~ 20N · M. If "T" type screw is used

Screwdriver tighten the clip, the better, as shown in Figure 1, Figure B and Figure C below.

⑥ I-type, I-type mounting clip installation method and I-type similar.

1.5.3: Once the steel grating has been placed on the beam, it should be shielded (welded or installed) to avoid the displacement of the grating and cause a safety accident.

Note: Which installation method is used, the customer can make the decision according to the site needs, and the installation clip can be provided by the supplier according to the customer's requirement.

1.6 steel grating installation is completed, the user should pay attention to maintenance and repair, found that the installation folder loose, should be promptly fastened.

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